44-23314 served as an instructional airframe at Hancock Field School of Aeronautics, Santa Monica, CA, between September 1945 and April 1954, at which point the aircraft was acquired by Jack P. Hardwick, El Monte CA, who registered the P-38 as N29Q, and retained ownership until 1959.

Briefly held in open storage at Lavern-Brackett Field, CA, N29Q was passed to Ed Maloney/The Air Museum, Claremont (later Ontario then Chino), CA, in December 1959. Placed on static display in 1962, N29Q remained with the museum until 1987.

Transferred to Robert J. Pond, Spring Park, MN, N29Q was restored to airworthy status at Chino, CA, 1987-1988, making it's first post restoration flight on 22 July 1988. Flying as as 423314/Joltin' Josie, N29Q was registered with Robert Pond/Planes Of Fame East, Minneapolis-Flying Cloud, MN, 1988-1989,[1] becoming N38BP in October 1989[2] during it's transfer to Palm Springs Air Museum, Spring Park, MN (later Palm Springs, CA), October 1989-1998. Passed to Planes Of Fame Air Museum, Chino, CA, on 18 September 1998, and registered as N138AM. Repainted as Porky II in 2003, and flown as 23 Skidoo in 2006,[1] the aircraft was later on display at Planes of Fame Air Museum, Minnesota as NX138AM.[N 1] It is thought to be one of only 6 airworthy P-38's left.


  1. Although some vintage aircraft show an X or L prefix, this has not been official since the late 1940s but is painted on to look vintage.[2]


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