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54-2891 is a Sikorsky H-34A-SI Choctaw


  • Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.
    Appears as one of the Choctaws used for the transport of ground troops, as part of the assault on an alien spaceship.


Built as c/n 58-291,[1] 54-2891 was delivered to US Army as a H-34A on 09 June 1956. Converted to CH-34C standard by February 1966, the aircraft was Struck off Charge at Post Aviation Section, Fort Polk, LA, in December 1970. Following the transfer of the aircraft to the Mississippi National Guard, with whom it served between January 1971 and October 1973, 54-2891 was withdrawn from use,[2] and went to MASDC as XJ188 on November 12, 1973.[1] Struck from MASDC charge on 09 July 1979, the aircraft was sold to Bobs Airpark, before being transferred to Jacks Government Surplus in July 2000. 54-2891 was most recently registered to Tim Adamson of Nash Creek Aviation.[2]


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