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56-784 was a Lockheed F-104A-15-LO Starfighter


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Built as c/n 183-1072,[1] 56-784 was serving with the Arizona ANG 197th FIS when that unit was deployed to Ramstein AB, as part of the US response to the 1961 Berlin Crisis.[2]

By February 1964, 56-784 was on the strength on the 331st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, operating as part of the Oklahoma City Air Defense Sector.[3]

56-784 went to MASDC as FB017 on 8 March 1968, before being passed to Jordan in 1969.[1]

On 6 September 2008, it was reported that the fuselage, which had been on the Mojave Apt dump for many years since around 1996, could now be found at El Paso de Robbles in California, owned by the local Navy Museum with the name "Estrella Aviation Museum".[4]


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