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56-789 is a Lockheed F-104A-20-LO Starfighter.


  • Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.


Built as c/n 183-1077, 56-789 was sent to Taiwan as 4218.[N 1]

There is some doubt regarding the currant location of this aircraft. The Aerial visuals website states 56-789 is currently preserved at Cavanaugh Flight Museum as 56-780,[2] the website for the International F-104 society states that this aircraft is the ex 9sq, Royal Jordanian Air Force F-104A 911, which is displayed without markings at Monta University, Al Karak,[3] and the USAF Serial Database states 56-789 is preserved at a museum in Addison Texas.[N 2]


  1. There is no information relating to the aircraft's service with either the US or Taiwan, or it's subsequent history.[1]
  2. This is presumably the Cavanaugh Museum mentioned above,[1] in which case the F-104 listed on the International F-104 Society website is a different aircraft.


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