Assigned to VF-1 as NE105 in May 1983, 161292 was transferred to VF-14 as AJ207 during April 2001.[N 2] By February 2002, the airframe was serving with VF-154 as NF111, remaining with this unit until at least September of that year.[3]

The aircraft was Struck Off Charge on 16 December 2003,[4] and was listed as resting at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.[N 3]


  1. 161292 is among the aircraft seen during Brody's Homecoming ceremony.[1]
  2. At this point, VF-14 was part of the complement of CVW 8 aboard USS Nimitz.[2]
  3. This appears to no longer be the case, as the airframe is not listed on the WRG Tomcat Registry, and the only F-14 on the museum website exhibit list is an F-14D model, described as the last F-14 to launch from an aircraft carrier on an operational deployment over Iraq.[5]


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