Built by La Hispano-Aviacion SA as Serial No. 151 in 1947,[1] the aircraft was assigned to the Fuerza Aérea Española (Spanish Air Force).[2]

After service with the Spanish Air Force, this aircraft was one of the six Buchons restored to taxying status at Tablada Airfield. After the Spanish location filming was completed, all six taxying aircraft were purchased by the Victory Air Museum at Mundelin, Illinois, USA.[3] C.4K-107 was later added to the UK civil register as G-BOML,[4] after US registration N170BG was cancelled on 7 March 1988.[5]

Acquired by Edward N. Grace on 15 April 1988 and, the aircraft was passed on 21 February 1989 to Ray Hanna, who retained ownership until 11 May 1993, when the aircraft was transfered to Classic Aviation Ltd. By 31 December 1998, G-BOML had been flown for a total of 312 hours.[1]

On 29 March 2000, G-BOML's registration was permanently cancelled by the Civil Aviation Authority.[6] The Permit to Fly Certificate Expired on 7 July 2000.[1]

Buchon 151 gboml

In flight[7]


  1. Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircraft, which were licence built by Spanish Hispano Aviaçion in the 40’ and 50’s, using Rolls-Royce Merlin engines.
  2. Taxing shots.


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