The only surviving original two seat Messerschmitt / Hispano left in the world, this aircraft was last flown in the Battle of Britain film in 1968.[N 2] On several occasions it was flown by Luftwaffe Ace General Adolf Galland, who even had the opportunity to give Royal Air Force Ace Robert Stanford-Tuck a ride in the aircraft.

Upon completion of the filming of the Battle Of Britain, C.4K-112 was disassembled and shipped to Texas, where it has been in storage for 45 years.[N 3]

In July 2014 C.4K-112 was the sole two seater, out of a group of five Buchon aircraft, advertised for sale on the Platinum Fighters website, complete with a substantial spares package,[1] for US $3 million.[3] In late October 2014, it was reported that the group of aircraft had been bought by a European collector, who planned to restore, and eventually sell, some of the aircraft.[4]

During October 2015 C.4K-112 was one of four Buchons resold by Platinum Fighters to an Australian owner, who arranged for them to be transported to the UK for restoration to airworthiness. C.4K-112 is reportedly intended to be part of a commercial ride programme, alongside a two seat Spitfire.[5]


  1. Dual Control Messerschmitt Me-109G airframe with Rolls Royce Merlin engine.
  2. Registered as G-AWHC for the production, it is unclear whether C4K-112 actually appeared on screen - it's dual seat configuration may have restricted it's use to training and formation camera work.
  3. Despite not having been flown since 1968,[1] C4K-112 was added to the US register as N1109G[2]


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