The Hawker Hurricane is a British single-seat fighter aircraft developed during the Second World War. Over 14,000 were built and it played a major role in many battle theatres throughout the Second World War, operated mainly by the Royal Air Force but also by many other nations. It was predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft with smaller numbers built by Gloster Aircraft, Austin Motors and the Canadian Car and Foundry for the Canadian Air Force. Nearly 1,200 converted to Sea Hurricanes.

Non eligible examples

  • LF751: Acquired by the production team for Battle of Britain (1969), and used as a mould for the replica Hurricanes to dress the set, it did not itself appear in the film. These non flying replicas included some that where fitted with motorcycle engines and able to taxi.


  1. This includes the three main Axis nations - Germany (The Luftwaffe operating captured Hurricanes for training and education purposes), Kingdom of Italy (The Regia Aeronautica Guidonia facility test flew two Mk.Is built by Zmaj under license, which were captured by the Italians when they took over Zemus airfield near Belgrade. Two more fell into Italian hands during the war - one in North Africa and one that touched down intact at Comiso airfield.) and Japan (The Imperial Japanese Army Air Force tested at least two Hurricane IIB Trops captured by Japanese soldiers in Singapore - BE208 by Tachikawa GiKen, and BM900 by 1 Chutai of the 64 Sentai)[1]


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