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First registered as G-AENN, on C ofR 7344 on 22 September 1936, to Blackpool & West Coast Air Services Ltd, but not delivered. C of A 5677 issued on 25 November. Sold by De Havilland's and registered on C of R 7489 instead on 26 November to Charles W.F. Wood (an Olley Air Service pilot); officially based in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanganikya (now Tanzania) but probably operated in Spain during the Civil War there.

If so, Wood probably returned with the Rapide to the UK by 30 June 1937. Re-registered on C of R 8262 on 13 December to Olley Air Service Ltd, Croydon. Briefly appeared in the 1939 feature film "Q Planes", in scenes that were filmed at Brooklands on 20 to 22 September 1938. Registration cancelled on 23 January 1940 as "sold", passing to 24 Squadron, RAF Hendon, and impressed into RAF service as W6455 on 1 March. Transferred to RAF Skeabrae on 27 May 1942, the aircraft was moved to 8(C) OTU Dyce later in 1942.

The aircraft was written off when force landed with engine failure at Rosehearty, near RAF Fraserburgh, Scotland, whilst on a training sortie from RAF Dyce, Aberdeen on 13 December 1942. To DH Witney for repairs but not repaired, and instead struck off charge 18 January 1943.[1]