Built in 1977[1] the aircraft was originally registered as F-WZDU.[2]

Owned by Northern Aviation Limited between 14 November 1977 and 27 May 1980, the aircraft was acquired on 24 June 1980 by Clarks Masts Limited, who passed it to Wickwell UK Limited on 20 October 1982. On 21 November 1983,[3] ownership was transferred to Reedtrend Limited, who retained the aircraft until 28 October 1988, when it became the property of George Cross Services Limited. Purchased by Amarjit Singh Bamrah, Trading as Falcon Flying Services, on 31 October 1989, G-BFGD was owned by John Trevor Armstrong from 23 September 1993 to 03 August 2011, when Armstrong relinquished ownership to James Lewis Tobias, a Trustee of Wannabe Flyers.[4]

Notable incidents

At 1740 hrs on 25 August 1997, G-BFGD was involved in an incident at Finmere Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire, resulting in the aircraft crashing through a fence. The pilot made a powered approach with 2/3 flap selected to Runway 28, where the surface wind was estimated to be 230 degrees/2-3kt. An approach speed of 75 kt was used as the aircraft was heavy. The aircraft floated during the flare, touched down approximately halfway along runway and, despite full application of the wheelbrakes, ran through the picket fence at the end of the runway. The impact resulted in dents in G-BFGD's spinner, wing strut and undercarriage fairing, and detachment of the nosewheel spat, as well as damage to the fence. There were no reported injuries to the pilot or the two passengers.[5]


  1. The aircraft is used for training at the local flight school.