Intended as the prototype of a successor to the Beechcraft King Air, N2000S was built by Scaled Composites as an 85 percent scale proof of concept aircraft. Completed in record time as NC-01, N2000S made it's first flight in late August of 1983.[N 2] A little over a month later the new aircraft, now called Starship, was introduced at the National Business Aircraft Association Convention in Dallas, Texas.

The Proof of Concept had no certifiable systems and no pressurization. It did not have any of the airframe structure that would be built into Starship, and it was not even built out of the same materials. It was, quite simply, a very large flying wind tunnel model, designed for a program of 100 test flight hours or less - although it flew five times that long. [3]

On 2 February 1987, an application for a type certificate under FAR part 23 was lodged, resulting in certificate A38CE being obtained on 14 June 1988. NC-01 was subsequently withdrawn from use, and used at an unknown location as a destruction test unit. The N2000S registration was cancelled on 28 February 1989.[N 3]


  1. This example is possibly the one featured in the opening credits for the Murder She Wrote episode Terminal Connection.
  2. The Production list states this aircraft was built in 1985, and made it's first flight on 15 February 1986.[2]
  3. This registration was subsequently used at various times by the 4th (1990) 17th (1 October 2004 - 10 May 2005), 22nd (24 October 1991 - January 1992) and 43rd (8 September 1993 - 17 January 1994) examples.[2]


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