The aircraft was constructed from components of a Fairchild C-82A Packet for flying sequences in the movie The Flight of the Phoenix.[N 1]

At 05:51 on 8 July 1965, The plane was flying for photographers in the filming of the movie, with a low pass without touchdown being intended. The unique aircraft, constructed specially for the movie, touched the ground at 90 mph and crashed, nosing over and breaking up. The famous Hollywood movie and stunt pilot Paul Mantz was killed and his co-pilot Bobby Rose sustained serious injuries.[1] This crash led to the use of North American O-47 38-284 to complete filming.[N 2]

Paul Mantz "Flight of the Phoenix" accident

Paul Mantz "Flight of the Phoenix" accident

Crash of N93082, followed by footage of other crashes


  1. For ground scenes, the P-1 was represented by a non airworthy copy built from part of a Fairchild R4Q-1 Flying Boxcar.
  2. The N93082 registration was subsequently assigned to a Cessna 152 built in 1981.[2]