BTF Auster-IIIb

PH-NGK is a Taylorcraft E Auster Mk3


  • A Bridge Too Far.


Built as c/n 344/TAY6111 in 1942, and allocated serial MZ331 and code 8A-11,[1] the future PH-NGK was one of ten Austers assigned to No.6 Dutch Auster Squadron at Gilze-Rijen pn April 16th 1945. As one of the twenty Austers still in Dutch service in 1949, the aircraft received serial R-18. In addition to being among the aircraft used for island flights, to maintain communications with the Wadden islands, when these were isolated by ice-drifts, R-18 served for a short time at Gilze-Rijen as a tow-plane with the Gilze Aviation Club “Illustrious”.[2]

Subsequently registered PH-NGK, the aircraft in believed to have been rebuilt in 1987 with parts from cn 1236,[1] a Taylorcraft Auster Mk5. [N 1]

Under the terms of IACO Doc 8643, PH-NGK is an L1P class aircraft. The 24 bit address on mode S and ADS-B is 484ADE. The aircraft is currently registered to the Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht (Royal Air Force Historical Flight Foundation).[5]


  1. Built in 1944, the latter aircraft was initially serialed RT607. Subsequently serialed HB-EOC and D-ELUT,[3] it has, since 1991, been registered as G-ALFA.[4]


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