Initially ordered as one of an order for 700 Spitfire Mk 21 aircraft, dated 20 January 1944, which was subsequently cancelled in August, RW345 was part of the reinstated order for 40 Mk IX aircraft, only to be built at Castle Bromwich as a Mk XVI in June 1945.[4]

The first aircraft of this batch to be delivered,[5] RW345 was sent to 39 MU on 26 June 1945. Passed to 33MU on 13 October 1949, the aircraft was assigned to No 3 Civil Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit on 4 June 1951. Noted as being at Middle Wallop on 17 October, RW345 was classified as Non Effective Stock - ie scrap - on 13 December 1954.

Listed as being at RAF Kenley for filming on 16 August 1955, RW345 was sold to Cox & Darks on 30 April 1956,[4] and was scrapped the following month.[6]


  1. The real TA614 was a de Havilland Mosquito P.R.XVI.[2]


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